Jandek - The Song of Morgan

Nice its jarred! i’m here to talk about a very happy boy whose parents love him alot. Jandek is 9 years old and has freckle but he also has big talent on the piano! He likes to be very polite in a nice shirt and never talks back to his mom and dad when they tell him to take 4 more bites of his lasagna

Jandek first played pianno as a young baby and found out he was very wonderful. So his mom let him go on the piano team where he was a rock star for all the older pianos who tried to teach him!!!! He learned all the smartest songs for his brain. from John bach, wolf gang, and straus!

Now that happy faced little piano boy is becoming quite the handsome piano man! he is talking about driving a fast car (in your dreams piano man!!!!) and uh oh a GIRL from the piano camp is looking at him, go talk to her! oooooohhhh he’s going over there eeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

10/10 stars wonderful boy!!!!!!